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Blue Chalcedony Rough
We supply different grades of Rough Blue Chalcedony: 
Grade A: good shape, blue color, no crack, clean, translucent
Grade B: light blue,  few cracks, clean, translucent
Grade C: blue, light blue or very light blue, some cracks and impurity
Peeled material:
peeled, blue color, no crack, no impurity, translucent

Grade A Chalcedony Stone                Grade B Chalcedony Stone
  chalcedony rough
Grade C Chalcedony Stone                           Peeled material

Rough Chalcedony Agate
Small quantity of Chalcedony agate (Yellow or Brown Chalcedony) is also found in Chalcedony mine, colours are mainly in coffee, white and pinkish. Click here for pictures of Chalcedony agate.

chalcedony agate  chalcedony agate  chalcedony agate beads