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Blue Chalcedony is one of members in the cryptocrystalline quartz (SiO2) family, it has different blue tints such as sky blue, light blue, purplish blue, whitish blue and grayish blue due to some metallic elements such as copper, nickel, iron and titanium are incorporated during it growth. Specific gravity of Blue Chalcedony is about 2.63 and its hardness is about 7.0 Mohs.


Blue Chalcedony is known as the “speaker stone”, bringing wisdom to words. It is useful for balancing the energy of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It absorbs negative energies and dispel them. It brings one to become more optimistic, confident and see things with a more positive attitude. It is a nurturing and soothing stone bringing stillness to the mind and bringing inner peace.


Name of “Chalcedony” was derived from an antique port town named “Kadikoy” or “Kalsedon” by the shore of the Marmara Sea in Anatolia of Turkey, where Anatolian Blue Chalcedony was exported to Europe during Roman Empire (123 B.C.).


Like most of gemstones, Blue Chalcedony grows/forms in a cool, dark and humid environment, therefore the best and easiest way of maintenance to keep these gemstones in a good condition is to simply moisturize them with clean water then keep them in cool and dark place.

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